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Admission Process

Seamless process to ensure hassle-free admission. Parents can easily enquire about admission fees and pay them online within a click. Adding more, parents can also acquire comprehensive knowledge about branch-transfers, mid-session school transfer and much more.

Students' Academics

Students' Academics

The tool brings report card generation, authorization, distribution and submission at your fingertips. With this, teachers can send report cards directly to parents, inform them about task assignments & scheduling, analyse students' performances, etc within just a click.

Resource Management

Resource Management

Managing resources, payrolls, leave policies, attendance and staff-recruitment are painstaking. With this app, institutes can manage these tasks within a single platform. The Edukul ERP module is extremely effective in managing salaries, pay-slip generation and lot more.

Financial Solutions

Financial Solutions

Provides secured platform to stakeholders to make online payments and generate automated receipts. This ERP app also comes handy to monitor, maintain and regulate relations with other financial establishments and in obtaining all the transaction history in details.

Information Storage

Information Storage

Edukul ERP’s inbuilt features give access to real-time data collection, data analysis, data retrieval and data customization. Be it for students, teachers or any other staff members, data can be accessed and analysed accurately anytime by authorised (or multiple) users.

Library Management

Library Management

Opportunity to make your library more advanced and library staff/users more efficient & dynamic with this online module. Track each operation in books management in more modern way. Keep the full track of book records, in circulation books, late fine, etc. with an easy search.

Communication Channels

Communication channels

Multiple communication channel makes the ERP tool more scalable. Instant messaging, group/individual messaging, message scheduling, SOS button, etc. are the key features of the app. The app also allows teachers-parents or parents-teachers real time interaction.

Exam&Result Management

Exam & Result Management

Exam Result Management is an add-on to the ERP which automates scheduling of examinations, notifying students and parents, result publication and report card printing. Results will be published on the app providing valuable results analytics to students and parents.

Library Management

Transport Management

By automating with edukul app make whole school transport more secure and safe. Manage bus routes, stops, timing, students & fee. Track bus location. Optimize operations and make it more efficient.Reduce calls and complaints to your transportation department.

Mobile Features

Features that Make Edukul the Most Innovative & Trusted ERP Software in Education Domain

Fast & Dynamic

Experience the fastest that can be customized according

to all your needs and requirements.

Real Time Data

Your access to instant messaging, immediate broadcasting,

recorded voice messages & much more.

Secured Platform

Secure your data with the latest and innovative encrypted

tools while keeping them handy.


An ERP tool to manage payrolls, recruitments, time-table

management,leave policies & much more.

Highly Scalable

Seamless operation at all levels-play-schools, kindergarten,

primary schools, colleges & universities.

A Digital Diary

Maintain daily record,schedule messages,send/receive

notes, check message status in real time.

About US

Edukul is India’s most innovative cloud based and e-learning platform that promises to reinforce communication among students, parents, schools, teachers and other stakeholders. Initiated three years ago in the IT Capital of India, it can be better defined as an ERP management tool that caters or renders to multiple branches in education platform.

Edukul is one such platform that can be accessed and utilised by the stakeholders while on the go! Be it through mobile devices or desktop applications, it assures optimized and streamlined communication to bring everything on the fingertips of our stakeholders.With communication, learning and ERP management being the most challenging segments in education system, Edukul promises to change the lives of students, parents, schools, and teachers by redefining the way they look towards e-learning or cloud-based learning.

Edukul is also ideal admission management partner for multiple universities across Karnataka, and is currently being used by more than 50,000+ parents and more than 50 schools.










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